The MaskItUp Story…

The idea of MaskItUp came about when my wife and I were apartment hunting. We found an offer we really liked, but when we started filling out the online application, we grew suspicious. The property management company’s website was not secure enough for us, and we didn’t feel comfortable entering our sensitive information into their system. Because of this, we ended up not renting the house we wanted.

This is just one example among many where sharing sensitive information was a struggle, especially with the frequent breaches and cyber attacks we’ve been hearing about in the news recently. When we asked our friends and family about their experiences, we realized that everyone has to deal with this problem on a regular basis…

To share or not to share? That truly is the question.

Unfortunately, many of us end up receiving letters telling us that our personal information is at risk because of data breach incidents. This is especially frustrating because, at that point, you can’t do anything except live with the consequences. This should not be the norm, and MaskItUp was born to help people and businesses solve this problem.

We created MaskItUp to Make the Internet a Little Safer

We all love the convenience of using the Internet. Whether we use it for buying cars or applying for jobs, we can better our lives with the simple click of a button.

However, the Internet can be a tricky thing when it comes to sending your personal information to a business or other people. Will they treat your sensitive data with the same care you would? Will they do enough to protect your personal information from hackers?

Fortifying your communication can quickly become a nightmare of complexity for you and the recipient who wants to view your data, even if you are a skilled computer user.

We decided to put our experience in online security, web application development, system engineering, and management to good use to build MaskItUp. We hope that with MaskItUp, we are able to help everyone share data securely. Now, every time we receive feedback that MaskItUp has helped a user communicate securely, it keeps us motivated to keep doing more. User feedback is our driver to make MaskItUp better, so please do not hesitate to drop us any comments!

Ismail, founder