Keep your Data Secure while Sharing it with Others

Keeping information in the right hands is tough. You might be careful with your data, but what about the people you share it with? Will they be as cautious as you with your personal information? MaskItUp is here to help.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use MaskItUp to share data with others while staying in control of who can access the data and for how long.

Quick Online form or PDF? Your choice

Ready? Okay, let’s get started. Log into your MaskItUp account. Don’t have an account yet? Go get one here, it’s completely free and only takes a minute (we promise!).

MaskItUp offers two ways to share data: via an online form created by you, or by uploading a PDF document. We’ll start with the online form, skip to the PDF section here

Create an online form

Click on the green Online button on your home screen. On the next page, enter a fitting name for your form and then start filling it with data. Each data entry consists of a title and a value.

After typing in your first title-value pair, confirm the data by clicking the green checkmark on the right of the text fields. You can delete a field by clicking the red X button on the far right.

Now, let’s add some more fields! Click the plus button on the top right to add more data.

Once you have more than one title-value pair, you can edit the order they appear in using the up and down buttons on the right of each line.

When you’re finished creating your online form, you’re ready to share it! Click the arrowhead button on the top right to get to the sharing page. Click here to learn how it works!

Create an online form

Add and fill out a PDF document

With MaskItUp, you can share PDF documents securely. But not only that, it’s also super easy to fill out forms online. No need for printing and scanning, just use our sweet’n’simple online editor.

But let’s start at the beginning: to add a new PDF, click on the yellow icon on your Dashboard (it’s also available on the My Personal Forms page).

A dialog pops up, where you can choose the PDF from your file system and upload it to MaskItUp. Once the upload is complete, MaskItUp assigns a catchphrase to your document (you’ll need that later!). Note that the status of your form is “Draft” since you haven’t shared it with anybody yet.

Please note: While MaskItUp securely encrypts all the data you enter, it doesn’t encrypt the PDF files itself. Always make sure to upload blank PDF forms and enter all your sensitive data through the online editor. This way, all your information is secure!

Fill out your form

Now, let’s fill your PDF form with data! Click on the catchphrase to open up the online editor with the form. You can add data to the form simply by clicking on it. A dialog pops up where you enter your text. When you’re done, reposition the text by dragging it where it should go.

Have a long form with lots of fields to fill out? Just click on the table icon on the top right to pull up a handy list of your entries. Delete field you don’t want any more by clicking the red X button.

Fill out your PDF form

Sign it!

Ready to sign your form? On the top left of the PDF view, click the “Add Signature” button. Draw your signature with your mouse (or finger, if you have a touchscreen!) and confirm. Back on the PDF view click “Place Signature” and drag your signature where it belongs. Click the “Save” button, and you’re done!

Sign It!

Share your data

Now that you’re done with your form, let’s share it with people! In the form editor, click the arrowhead button on the top to open up the recipient list. Simply type in the email address of the person you want to share your data with and click “Add recipient” to – yap, you guessed it – add them as a recipient. You can add as many people to the list as you want.

Share your data

When you’re done, click the submit button at the bottom. MaskItUp now generates a unique catchphrase for this form. If you’re sharing a PDF form, the catchphrase has already been created right after you uploaded the document.

Catchphrases are neat little things. They act as a passphrase, and only the people who know it can view your document. Think of them as a keyword to open a secret door, only funnier and a little longer.

What happens now? All you need to do to share your data with the people in your recipient list is to send them a link to MaskItUp and the catchphrase. They need to know their own email address, your email address, and the catchphrase to see the data (you’ll get an email with that info as well, check your inbox!).

You are in control: add and remove recipients

The great thing is that you are still in control of your data. You can remove people from the recipient list at any time. Once you do that, they can’t see your data anymore, even if they know the catchphrase.

You control who can access your data. To add or remove people from the recipient list of a form, go to the My Personal Forms page on your MaskItUp left menu. Click on the catchphrase of the form whose recipients you want to change. On the form page, navigate to the recipient list by clicking the people icon on the top right.

Here, simply type in a new email address to add someone to the list. To remove a person from the list, click the little X behind their name. Don’t forget to click the update button on the bottom, and you’re all done!

Grant Revoke Access