Securely Access Data, with and without a MaskItUp Account

Sharing information securely isn’t easy… Or is it? With MaskItUp it is! Access information that someone shares with you easily, without having to worry about the data getting into the wrong hands. MaskItUp handles that for you!

Accessing information someone is sharing with you is simple, whether you have a MaskItUp account or not. We’ll start with how to access data without an account, click here to learn about accessing shared data from your MaskItUp account.

Accessing Data without an Account

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When someone shares data with you through MaskItUp, they have to give you their email address and a catchphrase.

Catchphrases are neat little things. They act as a passphrase, and only the people who know it can view the data they are linked to. Think of them as a keyword to open a secret door, only funnier and a little longer.

Got the email and catchphrase handy? Go to MaskItUp and type it in. You’ll also need to know your own email address. If there is a document with these credentials waiting for you, you’ll receive an email. This email contains a link to the document.

Accessing Data without an Account

To protect you and the person who is sharing the data, the link is only valid one time. If you close the browser tab with the document and want to access it again, you have to go back and enter the catchphrase and email addresses again.

You can view the shared data as many times as you want until the person sharing it with you removes it or revokes your permission to access it.

That was easy, wasn’t it? But accessing secure information is even easier if you have a MaskItUp account. Plus, you can share data securely yourself. So what are you waiting for? Got get an account here. It’s free and only takes a minute.

Accessing Data with a MaskItUp Account

Already have an account? Sweet! Start by logging into MaskItUp here. To access data that has been shared with you, you need the email address of the person sharing it and the specific catchphrase for this document.

On the Home Dashboard, enter the catchphrase and the email address and click the “Check” button on the right. If there indeed is a document ready for you, it will show up on your home screen.

To open it, click on the catchphrase. You can view the document as many times as you want, as long as it is still shared with you.