Simplify accessing and securing sensitive customer data with MaskItUp

We all know collecting data from your customers isn’t easy. From making sure all your forms stay organized to all the challenges of keeping the information secure, managing customer forms can be a hassle. MaskItUp can simplify all that, so you can manage your customer forms securely with just a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at how you can receive customer forms through MaskItUp. You’ll also learn how to keep information secure by limiting access to sensitive data to the people that really need to see it.

Accessing a Submitted Form using the Catchphrase

When a customer has filled out a form and submitted it, they receive a catchphrase. This short phrase serves as a password to the form and you need it to access the data. Ask your customer to tell you the catchphrase.

In your MaskItUp account, click on your company name. You get to a list of all submitted forms that you have access to. To gain access to a new form, click the green shield button at the bottom right and enter the new catchphrase. If the catchphrase matches a form that has been submitted to your company, it appears on the list.

In the list, you can see the form name, its type, and the email address of the person who submitted it. Click on the catchphrase to access the form.

Sensitive Customer Data

If the form is a PDF, you’ll see the PDF document with the information the customer entered. To see all entered information at a glance, click the “Table Mode” button at the top. The view changes to a list of all fields and the data they contain.

In case the form is an online form, the data is presented in the table view right away.

Limit Access to Sensitive Fields

When a form contains sensitive information, it is often useful to limit the access to this data to the people in your company that really need to see it. For example, not everybody processing a client form needs to know the client’s Social Security Number.

As the admin of a company on MaskItUp, you can control who is able to see what information by assigning employees to groups. Go to the “Companies” page in your MaskItUp account and click on the “Groups” button. You’ll see a list of groups appear. You can add new groups by clicking on the plus icon at the top right.

Limit Access to Sensitive Fields

Accessing a form as a member of a group that is allowed to see the Social Security Number.

If you click on a group, you can see who is assigned to it. Add people to a group by clicking the plus icon above the member list of the group. A dialog appears where you can enter the employee’s email address. A person can be a member of multiple groups.

To configure access to a certain field on a form, navigate to the form in your MaskItUp account (learn about how to create and edit form here). Each field in your form has a group attribute that determines the group that can access this field.

It’s that simple. To limit access to sensitive information, create a group that only contains the people you want to see this information, then assign the field in question to that group. Done!

Accessing the same form as above as a member of a group that doesn’t have permission to see the Social Security Number. Note that the SSN field is invisible.