Make it your own: Customize your MaskItUp account and recover your password.

Learn how to change your personal info and add a profile picture to your account. We’ll also show you how to change your password and what you can do if you forgot your password.

Customize your MaskItUp Account

No matter if you’re using MaskItUp for business or at home, it’s always good to present yourself well. Add some personal information to your MaskItUp account and upload a profile picture, so that others know who you are.

To edit your personal info, click on your name on the left sidebar in your MaskItUp account. In the menu that appears, select “View Profile”. Your About Page appears. It contains your name, your address, a contact phone number and email address, and a profile picture.

To edit your name and address, click the three dots on the right of the information area and select “Edit”. You can change your first and last name, as well as your address. Click the “Save” button once you’re done editing.

To add a phone number, click the “Edit” option on the three dots icon in the contact area. You cannot edit your email address since it’s part of your login credentials.

Customize your MaskItUp Account

Add a Profile Picture

To add or update your profile picture, hover over the picture area and click the “Update Profile Picture” button. Select an image file from your system and click the upload button. The file should be less than 3 MB in size.

Change your Password

To change your password for MaskItUp, navigate to your profile and click on the “Account” tab. Enter your current password, the new password, and confirm your new password. Hit submit, and your password is changed! A strong password is almost impossible to guess for anybody else. Use a combination of words, numbers, and symbols that you can remember, but that nobody else can easily guess. Make sure it is more then 6 charactersDon’t use any names or words that are easily connected to your account, such as your name or “maskitup”.

I Forgot my Password

Oh no, you can’t remember your MaskItUp password! Despair not, we’ve got you covered. Click the “Forgot Password” button below the login window, it’s the orange circle.

Simply enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with a link to create a new password. Make sure to check your email account soon, the link is only valid for 1 hour!

I Forgot my Password