Create Secure Online and PDF Forms for your Company using MaskItUp.

As a company, securing the data your customer entrust you with is incredibly important. This responsibility begins with the moment your customers type their data into your form. MaskItUp makes it easy to share secure, interactive, and easy-to-use forms with your customer, so you can focus on your product instead of worrying about data security.

Let’s take a look at how to create both online forms and PDF forms for your company on MaskItUp. Follow the text step by step, or click on the links to jump directly to the respective section.

To complete this tutorial, you need a MaskItUp account. Go get one if you haven’t yet! You also need to have your company set up on MaskItUp. Learn how to do this here!

Create an Online Form

Creating an online form is really simple. Navigate to the company menu on the left-side menu bar. Next to your company name on the right, click the “Online Forms” button. On the next page, all your company’s online forms are listed. To edit a form, click on its name to open the editor. To delete a form, click the red X button on the right of the form name.

Create a new form by clicking the green “plus” button at the bottom right. Start customizing it by giving your new form a name.

Create an Online Form

Create Fields within your Form

Now your form needs fields that your customers can fill out. To create a new field, choose a field type from the drop-down menu on the left and click the green Plus button to create it. You can choose between text fields, number fields, signature fields, and many more. Play around a little bit to see what each field looks like and which fields are right for your form.

The new field appears as a box at the bottom of the page. You need to give your field a title and assign a group to it. The field group determines who within your company can see this field (Learn more about restricting access here). You can also add a sample value to give your customer an idea of what kind of information should go into the field.

On the bottom of the box, you can choose if your customers are required to fill out this field. There is also an option to disable the field.

You can change the order in which your fields appear on the form. Click the toggle switch on top of the Form Fields area to switch to list view. Here, use the arrow buttons on the right of each field to move the fields up and down the list.

When you are done creating your form, click the green “Submit” button to save it.

Create a PDF Form

To create a new PDF form for your customers, navigate to the PDF forms page by clicking the “PDF Forms” button in the company list. All your existing PDF forms are listed here. Access them by clicking on the name. You can delete a form by clicking the red X button on the right.

To upload a new document, click the green “Upload” button at the bottom. In the dialog, choose a file to upload and give your form a name.

Please note: While MaskItUp securely encrypts all the data you enter, it doesn’t encrypt the PDF files itself. Always make sure to upload blank PDF forms without sensitive data on them. This way, all your information is secure!

secure company forms

Customize your PDF Form with Online Fields

Once the upload is complete, you can add fields to your form by double-clicking on the document. In the dialog that pops up, give your new field a title and choose the field type. This can be text, a number, a password, a signature, and more. Depending on the field type, add a sample input to make it obvious to your customers what information they should enter into the field. For a name field, for example, choose the sample input “Your Name”.

Once you’ve created the field, you can freely place it on the PDF document by dragging it around. On the right of the document, a box appeared representing the field. Here, choose a field group to indicate who within your company is able to access the field (learn more about limited access and groups here).

If you change the sample data for a field in your form, make sure to click the green “Update Sample Data” button at the top to let the changes appear on the PDF.

To preview the form, click the blue “Preview” button at the top left. You’ll see all your fields in a list. To change the order of the fields, click the toggle button at the top and then move the fields up and down with the arrow buttons on the right.

When you’re done editing the PDF form, click the “Save” button in the Form Editor. You can go back and edit the form any time by clicking its name on your company’s PDF forms page.

Sharing your Form

Ready to share your form with your customers? Click the looking glass icon at the top right. It opens the search bar and below is a list of all forms of your company. Click the form you want to share. The form opens up in a new window. Copy the link from that window and send it to your customer. Happy sharing!