Create your Company Profile on MaskItUp and Learn how to Edit your Info

Sharing data securely is incredibly important in today’s corporate world. As a company, you have to make sure to treat customer information with great care and sensitivity. MaskItUp can help you to exchange forms and documents with your clients without having to worry about the security of your data.

Here we’ll show you how to set up your company’s profile with MaskItUp. It’s really easy and only takes a few minutes. We’ll cover how to activate MaskItUp’s company features, adding your company info, and how to add your employees as users and organize them into groups. Click on the links to jump directly to each section.

Activate Company Features

Start by logging into your MaskItUp account. Don’t have an account yet? No problem, just sign up here, it only takes a minute!

To activate MaskItUp’s company features, click on the three dots in the upper right corner on your Home screen. In the drop-down menu, select “Show Company Feature”, and voilá, the company menu appears in the bar on the left.

Create Company and Add Info

If you open the company menu for the first time, the company list is empty. Click the green “plus” button at the bottom right to add your company. Provide a name and it’ll appear in the list. You can add as many companies as you want.

You can delete a company by clicking the X on the right. Note that you can only delete companies that you created yourself.

Company Profile on MaskItUp

Now let’s add some info to your company, so other people know what you’re all about. Click the “Profile” button under your company’s name. On the left, you can add a company picture. Choose your logo, or maybe rather that funky group picture you guys took at last year’s Christmas party? Your choice, but be aware that the company picture will be visible to everybody you share forms and documents with.

To add information about your company, click the three dots on the right of the information block and choose “Edit”. You can add a short description and your address. Further down, add your phone number, public email address, website, and your social media accounts.

Edit Company Information

Got your info set up? Sweet, let’s add some people to your company!

Add Users and Assign them to Groups

Click the “Groups” header at the top right. On MaskItUp, your employees are assigned to groups to determine what content they can access. By default, your company has two groups: Admin and Archives. You can create a new group by clicking the “plus” icon on the top right.

The Admin group is special because only members of this group can add and edit company data like the description or the contact information, and create and remove company forms.  Make sure you only add people to this group that you want to have these permissions.

To edit an existing group’s name, description or to delete it, click the “Edit Groups” icon. The red button next to a group deletes it, while the green button saves your changes.

Back in the group view, click on a group name to see the users that are assigned to it. To add a new user to the group, click the plus button on the right and enter their email address. The user needs to have a MaskItUp account to add them. To remove a user from the group, simply click the X icon to the right of their name in the list.

You can add as many users to a group as you want. Equally, there is no limit to how many groups a user can be a member of.

Company groups and users

Have your company profile all set up and you’re ready to start using MaskItUp to create forms and share them with your clients? Read on here to learn how it works!