Main Features

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Top-notch security

We use a multi-layer security approach for every component in the system making our platform highly secure. The system is built to be compliant with HIPAA, PSI, ISO, and many other standards

Easy to use

Our user-friendly interface lets you focus more on getting the job done and less on learning the tool. You can upload existing forms, create new forms, and save completed forms all in one place!

Controlled data access

Businesses can restrict access to an entire form, or restrict access to specific fields on a form. YOU get to choose who sees what!

Trackable access

See who accesses your forms in real-time. You have full control over your data

More efficient workflow

No more scanning or faxing forms! With MaskItUp, tasks that usually take so much hassle can now be done in minutes!


Get the feeling of hard copies without printing any paper! Let us protect trees as we protect our personal information, and save money along the way!

About MaskItUp,

A simple secure data sharing solution

People are always worried about who sees their private information and about the potential for this information to be stolen. Identity theft comes in many forms; cyber attacks, laptop thefts, even poor management of access policies to information within a company.

Sharing but with tight security at its core

Create or upload any form you use for your business or personal use and post it on MaskItUp so those who need to complete it can fill it online.  With the ability to restrict and customize access to the form for businesses, only YOU can decide who sees what information, even within the same form!! Personal use can give/revoke access at anytime!

Great for your business

Sharing information is necessary to conduct any business, whether it is collecting information from clients, or requesting information from potential employees, or even sharing data between teammates. 

MaskItUp is the solution that will ensure any information shared within your business is 

1) Collected and shared easily without the hassle of scanning, faxing, or printing 

2) Secure in transit and when accessed

3) Accessible to only those  you choose to see data

4) Safe from any potential cyber threat 


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